In The Spring

In the spring My dad and I plan to find a orphaned baby raccoon or a possum. I have told my mom about it and she doesn’t necessarily like the idea of it but over all she doesn’t care. Because my grandma has raised baby raccoons before and she can help and guide me through the process. We are going to go out during spring because that’s when they’re mating and giving birth to there young. You have to get them when they’re young because when they are older they are not tame and are hard to get under control. I think this will be an amazing experience and I hope it goes well.

What i do at Christmas time


During Christmas there are many things that my family does. One big thing is that every year we go on a skiing trip. We used to just go somewhere near us but now that we’re older we go to New York. We go to a place called holiday valley you can look at the web cams on this site Holiday Valley. Holiday valley is located in Ellicottville New York.¬† That is just one of our traditions, but don’t worry i have more. Another thing my family does is a pickle, on Christmas day my grandparents hide a pickle (not a real pickle, either plastic or paper) on the tree the first one who finds it get to open one of there presents first. every other year i go to my dads for Christmas but this year i don’t get to because of Covid. But over all i think it will be an amazing Christmas this year.

I made this image using Canva.

The Serafina Series

These are my own books, I took this photo using the camera app. These books are called The Serafina Series. there are only four but i hope they make more. The author of this book is Robert Beatty. He has more books but i would like to do a different post about them. You can read the summary’s of the books on this website and see if you’re interested in reading them just go to

The book is a mystery, and the whole plot goes on at the Biltmore estate In the smoky mountains. As you could probably tell the main characters name is Serafina, she has a best friend and his name is Braeden Vanderbilt, he has been there for her whenever she needs it. They go through ups and downs but they always find there way back to each other. they solve the mysteries of Biltmore even when they seem not possible to ever solve. Serafina also has a secret that not many people know about. There is so much excitement and thrill in this book series and i just had to share it. I hope you read the series and comment how the experience of reading it was.

Three wishes




If you had three wishes what would they be? You have One rule, you are not aloud to wish for more wishes! If i had three wishes my first would be to have a successful business when I grow up. I know many people might pick infinite money, but i’m telling you right now, please don’t. I know your probably wondering why, so I have just the answer for you. It would destroy the economy! another one of my wishes would be to have an amazing successful family. my last wish would be to have a good sized house for whatever sized family i would have and not need to remodel or move.

what would your three wishes be? comment and tell me.


the Sun and the Moon


I chose to do this image, it reminds me of a romantic novel cover. There are the sun and the moon which reminds me of two people dancing in space around one object for thousands of years, but only every once in a while do they ever get to touch. So they make that one touch special maybe with a hug and wishing each other farewell until next time, or maybe just staring into each others eyes reaching into each ones soul. There are millions of possibility’s in which they could have done. But they both still know that they love each other and they keep on dancing only to see each other¬† next time they meet.

I used canva to do this image I was just messing around and then i thought of a really cute and romantic story to go with it.

My Avatar

I chose to do my avatar like this because it matches me and my personality. I have my hair up like this because I had my hair like that the night I did my avatar and I thought it was really cute! my skirt and my shoes are blue because my favorite color is blue and I thought it looked really good with the white. I chose the white shirt because I just love wearing white shirts I don’t know why but I just do. I have glasses on because I wear glasses every single day. I have my hands like that because I do that constantly. and finally the mike, i have that on because i just thought it was cute.